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The Famous Southern Stompers - Vortex Vx 1001 33 rpm
Steve Lane's band and Cyril Davies on Banjo

Side 1

1. "The Entertainer" (Scott Joplin) (b)
2. "Tennessee Twilight" (Alex Hill) (a)

Side 2

1. "Heah Me Talking" (a)
2. "Swamp Blues" (b)


(a) - Steve Lane (cornet), Colin Kingwell (trombone), Cy Stork (clarinet), Cyril Davies (banjo), Ian MacDonald (piano), Dave Hill (sousaphone), Mike Collins (drums) c. July 1955

(b) - Steve Lane (cornet), Jim Shepherd (trombone), Roy Sear (clarinet), Johnny Barton (banjo), Ray King (piano), Dave Hill (sousaphone), Dave Golding (drums) early 1957

The earlier personnel represents a group which had been playing together for some time; two musicians, myself and Ian MacDonald, having been in at the inception of the band in 1950. The later personnel followed a complete re-forming of the band which took place during 1956, and at the time of recording had only been playing for a month or two.

All the recordings, however, should be viewed in the light of the general policy pursued since 1950: to learn from all sources, while taking the classic jazz of the middle twenties for main inspiration; and to use skeleton arrangements designed to get the best performance from each musician and from the group.

For such musical success as the band has achieved, credit should go not only to the musicians taking part in these sessions, but also to all ex-members of the group, including Stan Darlington, Geoff Skeet, J.R.T. Davies, Johnny Milton, Archie Carmichael, Spike Stoddart and others; and to the audiences at our clubs.

To all these, our thanks and our promise to remain "true to the jazz tradition".

Steve Lane

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